What Everyone Should Know About Metallic Epoxy in Commercial Spaces | Blog Post #39

The exteriors of an organization’s premises are visible to the public, and interiors are visible to visitors and, thus, they inevitably portray the business’ directions. With an apparent, clean, and welcoming curb appeal, naturally, visitors will not feel intimidated and uncertain about stepping into the premises. A messy or deteriorated appearance is likely to give visitors and potential customers a negative vibe and diminish the organization’s credibility. Metallic Epoxy designs provide a well-kept outlook and transform the curb appeal.

Focus on the Entrance
We can incorporate the Modulor theory of 20th-century French architect, Le Corbusier, who was one of the influential pioneers of modern architecture, into entrance designs. The theory studies human’s relations with architecture designs and focuses on functionality. Entrances with proportional and symmetrical properties induce calmness due to sequential and reflecting effects. Whether the clientele is exclusive or inclusive based, using Metallic Epoxy for flooring can achieve peace with its unique blend of aesthetic and functional properties.

Besides surrounding a commercial building’s exteriors with natural elements of plants and stones, Metallic Epoxy’s gloss moss green and khaki slabs as interior flooring can provide a luxury and close feeling nature. Even without the clean geometric forms of grid lines, versatile Metallic Epoxy flooring can customize sequential patterns with unconventional designs that establish familiarity with novelty, and consequently encourage recurring visits.

Complement the Architecture
Modern commercial buildings were commonly built on ground-level pillars with reinforced supporting columns, minimizing load-bearing on walls. Interior designers can complement the pillars’ and columns’ foundational and load-bearing functions with Metallic Epoxy’s aesthetic wall designs. Metallic Epoxy color combinations can bring a balance and induce a psychological influence in architecture. Besides natural landscapes and terrains, color is an integral element in human-made architectural structures. Colors can be subjective to different people. For example, one may see grey walls as archaic and boring while another person may see it as stoic and everlasting.

Due to the fluid property of metallic pigments, individual wall slabs coated with artistic swirls can turn generic concrete slabs into a stylish wall unit with substance. Metallic Epoxy is highly customizable with a wide range of colours and styles. If you seek an optimal luminous density, the brightness that the eyes experience from the surface’s reflected light. Should the light be too loud or too dim, it strains our eyes.

Stay on Top of Maintenance
Metallic Epoxy is a wondrous material that is commonly used in mainstream interior design. Functionally, with its industrial adhesive strength and insulation after curing, it has extreme resistance to impact and scratches with heat tolerance up to 200°C. Tiling materials such as marble and ceramic are durable and provide some resistance against water and stains. Other materials, such as quartz and vinyl, are flexible and low maintenance. However, epoxy materials have much more durable waterproof, stain proof, and shock-absorbing capabilities, critical for the flooring to survive foot traffic and furniture movements.

In terms of hygiene and health, Epoxy emerges ahead of other non-porous materials as it is chemically inert from reactions from robust and industrial cleaning agents and. Hence, over time, it is not prone to degenerate or bacterial growth in indoor environments, particularly crucial for kitchen and bathroom floors

While the actual business is about the outcome of its product or services, an organization can illustrate its exterior and interior spaces with intriguing visuals to entice and engage customers, suppliers, and employees. With an optimized balance between rhythmic patterns and striking colors, Metallic Epoxy provides people with a pleasant and encouraging work environment. Therefore, with its flexibility and durability, Metallic Epoxy is the safe and lasting choice to transform commercial spaces with class and sustainability.