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Ways to Achieve a Modern Masculine Edge in your Home | Blog Post #36

What makes a space masculine?

Gentle masculinity is of unassuming and quiet nature with a strong connection to the Earth and nature in general. Bold masculinity is generally “louder” in expressions, with a tendency to relate to their physical and financial muscles and social connectivity. Combining these two generics, we get modern masculinity, which connects a patient and warm-hearted personality with a steadfast and forward-thinking attitude. Hence, an ideal masculine space is of low profile with simple designs that provide a solitude environment to recharge, but at the same time, radiates a courage that reflects strong-mindedness to excel in various aspects of life.

Although, a masculine room may range from minimalistic interiors with logical functioning to rugged designs that resonate with toughness. To overtly man cave sanctuary with stony walls and sports equipment that exudes athleticism, you do not have to complete an overhaul to bring modern masculinity home. Here are some suggestions on how to incorporate masculine interiors to your home with metallic epoxy while keeping the foundation of your home or room intact.

Finding the right color

Whether designing interiors for millennials, Gen Xs, baby boomers, or other demographics, feminine or masculine characteristics, it is an industrial recommendation to start with the colour palette. The masculine palette typically consists of bold and strong colours such as good brown and earthy grey to strengthen the ambience with a pronounced elegance. Dads generally welcome dark coloured furniture and fittings with crafted detailing. When designing or decorating your room with masculinity in mind, it is preferred to minimise the usage of pastel and bright color shades. However, these are general guidelines and not all dads or males, in general, feel the same way. Hence, let us not stereotype masculinity with dark coloured interiors and objects. You may incorporate bright colours such as maroon and gold, following the occupant’s personal preference. Ultimately, consulting occupants on their choice of colours and shades of background and foreground interiors is an essential foundation.

Lightings and Shadings

A modern masculine apartment or bedroom requires building a personal style of masculinity. An ideal combination has straight lines and pronounced curves but avoids floral designs, at the same time, rich in foundation details that represent sturdiness. Choices of lightings and shadings tend to form a spectrum of moody or dark hues to classic neutrals to warm highlights on the other end.

Black and white metallic epoxy combinations are classic neutrals and thus are safe choices and complement with other colours well to bring out the volumes of masculinity. When choosing a darker base, the addition of pops of neutral colours is an excellent way to break up blocks of darker colours to portray modern or contemporary masculinity.

Masculine Accessories and Textures

Warm metallics such as gold or brass fittings and accessories exude class and luxury. Installs such fittings and displays such accessories sparingly to add a touch of masculinity without too much extravaganza. If the occupant likes nature, you can add a rug with designs of smooth green grass or rugged gravel roads that add a touch of earthiness.

Generally, an unassuming geometric pattern is a safe masculine concept, as it is all about clean lines and sharp perimeters, whereas a more feminine style has more curves and twists. Hence, incorporating textiles and with modest geometrical designs gives you a spatial avenue to add on complementary accessories and complete an ideal picture of modern masculinity.

Metallic Epoxy Collection

The primary and conventional house with bland walls and monochromatic canvas does not have to be cold and uninspiring. Have a look at our masculine metallic epoxy collection. You may find inspirational strokes on what you are looking for to decorate masculine interiors for your dad or loved ones. Our dedicated team will work closely with you to customise and build a beloved home.