Feature Walls

Metallic Epoxy Walls

A military tank is a brutal, armoured behemoth that looks ugly but gets the hardest job done with nary a drop of sweat. Fortunately for you, your home can enjoy the same protection, but with infinitely more charm.

Enter the world of Metallic Epoxy Walls — cutting-edge research and chemical synthesis processes have produced a material that is nigh indestructible in a home, and beautiful to boot.

With this material, you can turn each wall in your home from a gritty concrete slab into an armoured bulkhead that stands unwavering against the elements. Furthermore, your choice of metallic pigment and our artists’ skilled hands help express your love for your home in wondrous swirls that scatter light beautifully enough to shame the Milky Way. An artful play on depth through the layers of sturdy epoxy and glimmering metal turn a two-dimensional wall into a three-dimensional window to the soul of your home.

Feel safe. Feel beauty. Feel at home with Metallic Epoxy Walls.

Metallic Epoxy Feature Walls

Four walls is not a prison make, for true freedom is of the mind — just like the difference between a house and a home.

In a house, the basic and conventional are where dreams go to die, where existence is cold and sterile. Turning a house into a home requires your love — putting your dreams into an abode, one expression of yourself at a time.

And what better way to express yourself than turning that bland, monochromatic canvas you call a wall into a work of art with your personality in every stroke?

Metallic Epoxy Feature Walls let you unleash your inner artist with any design of your choosing and the expert hand of an experienced artist. With your input, we will realize an exotic and safe full-wall art piece that lasts a lifetime, all the while exuding elegance and unique taste.

From your home’s living room to any commercial showroom space, our designs do more than adjust interior design — they turn dreams into reality with an impression of class and striking opulence that no guest nor client will easily forget.

Walls Specifications


Every Metallic Epoxy Wall installation requires a minimum of Eight (8)* Working Days to complete.
*Subjected to work area, environment conditions, number of required panels

Day 1

  • Removal of existing fittings/fixtures
  • Measurement of installation area

Day 2 – 6

  • Fabrication (Laser Cut) of actual panels according to measurement
  • Commencement of Metallic Epoxy Application

Day 7

  • Installation of Metallic Epoxy Wall Panels with required supports for adhesive curing

Day 8

  • Removal of adhesive supports
  • Silicone application
  • Reinstallation of fittings/fixtures
  • Final touch ups and check
  • Project completion and handover

Metallic Epoxy Singapore strongly advises our clients to refrain from touching or entering the work area during and after the installation of adhesive supports.

You may begin Light Usage of the area your new Metallic Epoxy Wall Panels are installed in 24 HOURS after project handover. However, we strongly recommend an allowance of 48 HOURS before returning to all basic functions such as cooking or showering in the area.


What material do we use for the walls?

  • Solid Plywood
  • Aluminium Plates

Epoxy Primer Coat

  • No VOCs and Virtually Odourless
  • Non-Toxic
  • Quick-Dry Formula
  • Chemically Bonds to Surface

Metallic Epoxy Coat

  • No VOCs and Virtually Odourless
  • Non-Toxic
  • 100% UV Stable
  • 100% Solid Industrial Grade
  • FDA and USDA Compliant

Metallic Epoxy Top Coat

  • 3 Types of Finishing
  • Low VOCs and Virtually Odourless
  • Non-Toxic
  • 100% UV Stable
  • Extremely Durable
  • FDA and USDA Compliant

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