Meet the Master Artist Behind Metallic Epoxy Singapore Creations | Blog Post #40

In conversation with Head Designer, Joey Wong, The Master Artist Behind Metallic Epoxy Singapore Creations.

Joey Wong is the Head of Designer at Metallic Epoxy. Her artistic eye and passion for detail are essential when designing for clients. She has participated in the design industry for close to ten years while concentrating on Epoxy developing for five years. As we sit down with her, we unravel the creative presence behind the business and the artistic details used when customizing an Metallic Epoxy design.

Q) What inspires you to create such beautiful epoxy coatings?
A) Being an artist myself, the colours and the aesthetic sense of design comes quite naturally to me when doing design proposals. However, in saying that, I do believe practice makes perfect. I have studied the Epoxy coating process and understood how the colours mix and amalgamate with each other. Through trial and error, I know what works with what and what looks the most visually appealing in the space. Each masterpiece is handcrafted, so depending on the design at hand, it can take either 2-3 days or even more so a week to create a specific piece.

Q) How do clients play a role when choosing a Metallic Epoxy design?
A) Although my artistic sense does help me when designing for a client, their wants and needs are fundamental in the process. When I communicate with them, I understand the importance of aesthetics when creating a piece. I experiment with various colours and painting techniques depending on the personality of the customer. At the end of the day, they are the ones who provide us with a canvas of space, and we are the artists that do the needful.

Q) What is your design process like?
A) After talking to the clients and understanding their personal aesthetics, I start to think about the space I shall be designing for. Knowing the room harmony is an essential aspect of my design process. As I visit the area, I try to determine the colour palette according to the home’s room harmony. For example, Yellow symbolizes nourishment and happiness, elements that bode well in either a kitchen or even the children’s rooms. Blue emotes stillness and calmness, which can perhaps be used in the study or even the living room. While I am an artist and painting with colours is something I love doing, space’s practicality is also vitally important during the design process. I strive to strike a balance between creativity and feasibility.

Q) Which is your favourite Metallic Epoxy design?
A) Although all the designs we create are distinctive and well thought off, I will have to go with our Galaxy themed Metallic Epoxy. The galactic elements bring this ‘out of this world’ vibe to your homes. Each piece is different, and the colours involved are incredibly striking.

Q) Why is Metallic Epoxy becoming popular nowadays?
A) A Metallic Epoxy finish offers an effortless and stylish finish at one’s home. It is practical and seamless and can be custom designed to fit any interior. The installation is an uncomplicated and more practical alternative to granite or marble.

Q) How many Metallic Epoxy Designs have you created over the years?
A) I’ve lost count of the number of designs. Around thousands.