Bold and Eclectic Space

How to Style a Bold and Eclectic Space with Metallic Epoxy | Blog Post #35

Eclectic tastes can often be misunderstood as an incoherent set of moods. While it involves a broad spectrum of design aesthetics in terms of colours, texture, and patterns, to name a few, one particular detail is needed to frame the entire space and tie the room together. Be it a bold wall hanging, a fantastic piece of artwork, or even a solid contrasting wall colour. An eclectic space is a perfect companion for an individual willing to experiment with bold tastes and with a diverse range of interests.

Metallic Epoxy Design: Blue Galaxy Theme design on Black Base

Bold Barricades
A different element that adds the perfect amount of panache yet ties the room together is a bold statement emphasized on one particular wall. Be it a bright ceiling to floor wallpaper that resembles an exquisite artwork or a bright splash of colour that immediately catches the eye of the beholder. Drawing attention to one maximalist piece and keeping the rest of the room’s decor minimal is the perfect way to pull into the eclectic mood one hopes to create. Metallic Epoxy offers a wide range of milky way hued walls that add a galactic presence to the room—rippled with a variety of colours that can be used to tie the rest of the decor together.

Metallic Epoxy Design: Light Brown and Coffee Mixed Wood Design

Textured Template
One of the critical fundamentals of excellent design is playing with texture. Texture takes a two-dimensional space to a three-dimensional setting. Keeping in mind the broad taste of the eclectic environment, one can opt for a bold piece of textile-like a carpet or a wall hanging. Handwoven tapestries or macrame art pieces are a perfect way of adding structure to the space coupled with sleek modern shelving and photographs. A collection of traditional textures within a contemporary outlook serves into the mind of an eclectic individual. Metallic Epoxy offers a wide range of objects from statement walls, flooring and countertops that provide its user the perfect amount of textured composition while playing with colour.

Metallic Epoxy Design: Chrome Gold Marble Veins on Coffee Mixed with Black and White Base

The Contemporary and the Conventional
An eclectic space’s key feature involves playing with contemporary and vintage elements by harmonizing the old and new. By keeping the colour modern to be stark white or a pitch-black vintage, furniture can be placed around the space. A rosewood cabinet or a reclaimed sofa are elements that transport one in time, yet keeping it innately modern. Metallic Epoxy offers customizable pieces that allow one to choose their contemporary aesthetic. A juxtaposition of the old and new can be built around a Metallic Epoxy feature, which can be the modern element with its cosmic hues coupled with reclaimed wooden staples.

Custom Wall Art

Artistic Aesthetic
A piece of art can instantly light up space and add an exciting story to the environment. A bright splash of colour in the artwork, be it contemporary or traditional, immediately resonates with the other elements of the space. Hues and textures from the artwork can be used as cues to decorate the rest of the room. The pieces offered from Metallic Epoxy are no short of artistry themselves. With customizable designs, Metallic Epoxy lets you unleash your inner artist by creating a feature that is truly unique with the help of an experienced hand of an artist. With its marble-like texture and iridescent hues, a Metallic Epoxy feature is a piece of handiwork that rivals any piece of art.

An eclectic space involves thinking outside the box and not following the usual rules. However, saying that keep in mind very too often space can become chaotic. The few tips and tricks mentioned above offer the perfect instances to unleash your inner designer. Metallic Epoxy provides the ideal start into someone venturing into this aesthetic for the very first time. It holds a wide variety of customizable features that allow you, the user, to be the designer and paint your canvas.