How to Achieve Your Very Own Designer Bathroom | Blog Post #30

Ready to upscale your bathroom, but aren’t quite sure where to start?

Minimal colors are not the only trend. Some people prefer to have art involved on the walls, flooring, countertops, or even some furniture. Metallic epoxy is popular nowadays because it is famous as a form of artwork built into spaces. Its glossy coating treatment allows reflective light illusion into the interior space, and this coating method is known for its alluring and extraordinary abstract marbling pattern. Know more about it here: https://www.metallicepoxy.sg/raw-beauty-and-rugged-protection/

We are featuring our metallic epoxy design in Chrome Gold Paired with Brown Marble Veins on a Light Red Base. A color scheme famous for its soft, chic trait and vibrant effect. Plus, the natural direction of veins on a light red base stands out, giving an elegant and eclectic style perfect for those who want to go for a feminine approach.

If you are considering to apply metallic epoxy coating into your space or if you have already had, it is essential to know the right materials, textures, lighting, ornaments, home decor, furniture and colors that are significant to create a stylish ambiance. Here are some impressive styling ideas to try in your modern chic bathrooms:

01. Shapes and Gold

Shapes and gold-tone hardware, oval mirrors with fluorescent lighting bring the luxury accent to space. Circular shape mirrors soothe the whole room. You can choose various kinds of gold-tone fixtures: doors and cupboard metal hardware, clothing metal hanger, shower handle, or even flower vase! It will be more interesting if you can cope with some round Glo lights and geometric tiles, which make a perfect finishing touch.

02. Dark and Structured

Go for some regular angular shape fixtures like a rectangular basin and dark shade mirror to complement and enhance the overall look of the room.

03. Stylish Countertops

Metallic epoxy gives you a ton of design applications for your countertops as well, and this is to emphasize solid color background better! Style it with gold pieces of furniture, and a white pot of warm-tone flower or greens help to accentuate the surrounding and don’t forget minimal vanity kits to maximize the use of the countertop.

04. The Walls have Ears.

Do you think that plain colored walls are too dull? You can apply the soft color metallic epoxy coating in your bathroom wall because light color strokes on the wall can match with most of the earth tone colored fixtures and goes explicitly well with black shade circular mirror. For a more luxurious look, a long angular mirror would be a good investment also.

Few things to take note,

1. The gold-tone fixtures and white lighting make a sophisticated ambiance.

2. Geometric patterns make a perfect finishing touch.

3. Soft color metallic epoxy coating against a bright white background gives an excellent combination for a modern chic look.

Lastly, you might also want to check out helpful tips in maintaining the metallic epoxy floor after achieving your very own designer bathroom, link here: https://www.metallicepoxy.sg/common-bathroom-floor-maintenance-tips/.