Galaxy-themed Homes You can Achieve with Metallic Epoxy | Blog Post #38

Although homeowners often look to the past for inspiration by drawing references from mid-century architectural styles such as Baroque or Rococo, some look to the future for motivation. These spaces encompass sleek, angular, and geometric structures; function takes form in these areas. By drawing inspiration from the Art-Deco and Bauhaus movements of the ’20s to the Space Age of the ’60s, futuristic design is always evolving as technology and innovations continually modernize. This can be transcribed to our very own living spaces, where one can be teleported to the sets of ‘Back to the Future’ by upgrading your interiors with Metallic Epoxy. Here’s how to achieve it:

Brutalist Futurism
One of the primary features of this theme is shape. Geometry is a crucial feature while considering the pieces to place in one’s area. To achieve this look, one can opt to stick to one particular category of shape and build the space from there onwards. Although symmetry is pleasing to the eye when designing a space, juxtaposition of style is also as. A great addition would be a Metallic Epoxy galaxy themed piece. A combination of grey dusk marble rippled with a chrome gold strikes a perfect combination to the brutalist- futurist proximity one can achieve.

Angular Interior
Apart from focusing on particular shapes, the futuristic design also draws focus to its contemporary furniture and interior. With function taking precedence and the materials used being out of the ordinary, futuristic furniture involves stepping out of the old and into the new. Instead of the traditional rectangular cutaways one can opt for bathing the space in triangular pathways. The angular shaped walls and ceilings could be further accentuated with a Metallic Epoxy coating. Custom made coatings on the wall can add the perfect touch of a futuristic presence while adding to the openness of the room

Galaxy Walk
Futuristic design often draws much of its inspiration from galactic space. Drawing inspiration from the space age of the 1960s, inspirational artwork about the final frontier can add the element of modernity into one’s space. Metallic Epoxy offers a wide variety of pieces that add the perfect touch of a galactic milky way to transport you to outer space. Its customizable Epoxy pieces can turn one into an artist and unleash their inner Bauhaus by creating something bold, yet keeping it futuristic. The milky way effect created by the Metallic Epoxy can be perfectly paired with sleek leather furniture, upholstered walls, and even contemporary wooden accents. It offers a bold blue galaxy base rippled with chrome gold accents, a standout feature that can accent a sleek modern home and adds the perfect flair of galactic vibes. One can opt to even coat their floors with a galaxy coating, a metallic chrome veined look on a coffee and white mixed base. This can be customised as well as per your request by picking the perfect galaxy to fit your home.

As one begins to decorate their home with futuristic elements, it can tend to resemble a Sci-Fi movie set. With the above tips and tricks in mind, do remember to encompass your home with sleek innovations, geometrical tropes, and just a splash of galactic flair with Metallic Epoxy ‘out of this world’s’ centerpieces.