How long does metallic epoxy coatings last?

Metallic epoxy coatings, when properly applied, can last up to 30 years, when the steps and after-care routines are properly adhered to. It is advisable to treat your metallic epoxy coatings as you would high-end, premium flooring and countertop surfaces.

Can metallic epoxy be applied on walls or doors?

Yes, however, not directly. It will have to be applied and installed as individual panels.

For doors, do note that your door will have to be uninstalled and transported* back to our warehouse for application.

*Additional charges may apply.

Can metallic epoxy be applied directly on small vertical surfaces?

Yes, metallic epoxy can be applied directly to smaller vertical surfaces, to a certain extent.

For countertops with vertical surfaces, do note that only basic or single tone colours can be applied. However, complex colour and design combinations will not turn out as well as when applied and installed on a flat surface.

Is metallic epoxy heat-proof?

Our metallic epoxy coatings are heat-resistant up to 200°C.

Is metallic epoxy scratch-proof or scratch resistant?

No. Metallic epoxy coated surfaces are not scratch-proof. Then again, there is no material in the world which is scratch-proof. Our topcoat finishing are scratch resistance, with the level of resistance depended on which finishing you choose.

Is Metallic Epoxy impact resistant?

Metallic epoxy coatings provide a higher level of impact resistance than most conventional home surface materials!

Is Metallic Epoxy waterproof?

Yes! Metallic epoxy is non-porous, and the seamless finish allows for your coated surface to be both stain-proof and waterproof! Say goodbye to stains, mould and mildew!

Are metallic epoxy coatings slippery?

Metallic epoxy, on its own, is slippery, similar to marble or porcelain. This is why we include a range of protective topcoat options which works not only to protect your gorgeous new metallic epoxy surfaces, but adds traction and grip as well!

From a thinner gloss finish for more shine and colour, to our matte anti-slip finish for locations with high moisture traffic/wear, we’ve got you covered from start to finish.

How do I pick a potential design for my interior surface?

Metallic epoxy is fully customisable, limited only by your imagination and your installer’s workmanship and skills! Simply inform our friendly designers  if you have a particular theme, effect or design in mind, and they will be able to advise you on the pros and cons of the finalised design!

Upon receipt of your deposit, our designers will produce up to 3* sample boards for your perusal!
*additional sample boards may result in additional charges


Is there a warranty for your services and what do they cover?

Yes. We do provide warranty for our services against product and installation defects such as epoxy cracks, peeling or stains. Our warranty is subjected to environment traffic flow and wear usage.

What payment modes do you accept?

We accept the following modes of payments:

– Bank Transfer
– Cash
– Cheque
– Credit Cards (Visa/Master/AMEX)
– PayNow!

We now accept GrabPay as well! Pay for your new metallic epoxy and be rewarded with GrabRewards!

We are currently working on more payment modes and installment plans in the future. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Do you do installment plans?

We now offer the following installment plans:

1. Bank Loan*

We offer a 0% interest-free bank loan option with a minimum repayment period of 12 months and maximum repayment period of up to 60 months!

2. Credit Cards*

We also offer 0% interest-free credit card installment plans options for 6 and 12 months.

*Do note that all installment plans are subjected to approval from the participating provider

Payment of Service breakdown:

The Payment of Service transaction breakdown is as follows:

Countertops, Tables, Doors, Wall Features & Vanity Tops

10% deposit upon project confirmation

– 90% remainder payment upon sample board confirmation before commencement of project


20% deposit upon project confirmation

60% payment upon sample board confirmation before commencement of project

20% remainder payment upon project completion

Can I make the full payment only after the works have been completed?

Unfortunately, we have to accept at least 80% payment (deposit and sample board confirmation) for flooring and 100% payment (deposit and sample board confirmation) or other services.

Why is the quoted price and after site visit pricing different?

The quoted pricing range you receive online is a general gauge of the project cost in favourable conditions. During our onsite visits, our project manager will walk you through the project environment as well as any additional costs which may be incurred.

Some examples which may result in additional costs include, but not limited to, are:

1. Any defects in the surface or substrate which may increase work hours, material cost, or affects the final product

2. Un-level or mediocre flooring substrate or surface

3. Inaccurate measurements of area size provided in pre-quote




Why does the area need to be sealed after each stage of metallic epoxy layer?

Metallic Epoxy Singapore strives to establish a “cleanroom” for every project. This is to minimize and eradicate dust and foreign particles from the work environment which may tarnish the finished product and design.

Why do the fans and aircons have to be turned off, and all windows and doors shut during installation?

Airflow causes dust and foreign particles to be disturbed, which will end up embed in the epoxy or top coat layer, causing minor bumps and mini-craters to form in the finished design.

Can I enter the workspace during and after installation?

No. We strongly advise against homeowners and clients from entering the work area during and after completion of the project. This is to fully allow the epoxy and top coat layer to cure and harden, and prevent dusts, foreign objects, hair or accidental touches when the layers are still wet.

What is the curing time period and when can I use my home or workspace again?

For every coating, there is a waiting or curing period for the layers to dry. We strongly recommend usage only 48 hours after project completion and handover before our clients can start normal usage again.

There are tiny bumps over the finished epoxy coating surface. What are they and how can I get rid of them?

The tiny bumps are dust particles which gets trapped in the topcoat surface as it cures and hardens. Do note that as much as we try to create a “clean-room” environment for installation, it is almost impossible to get rid of all dust particles in the area. Not to worry however, these tiny bumps will disappear on its own over time.

Why are there marks on the top coat finishing?

Our top coat finishings in matte or gloss are stain-proof due to their non-porous properties and seamless finishing. The marks are highly likely to be oil, fingerprints or dirt which can be easily removed with a rag and soap.

Why are there lines on my finished flooring?

The lines are from the application of the matte or anti-slip top coat application. The grit and texture of the matte or anti-slip coat finish may leave some lines on the floor which will disappear over time.

What can I use to clean my new metallic epoxy surface?

Using common household soap/cleaners and a damp rag/cloth, you will be able to keep your metallic epoxy surface looking fresh and clean. Highly chemical resistant, our coatings ensure that heavy duty cleaners will not harm your metallic epoxy surfaces.

How do I maintain my metallic epoxy surfaces?

Treat your metallic epoxy surface as you would with high-end premium furnishings, with proper cleaning and care. Normal household cleaners and cloth is all that is required to for maintenance, and we strongly advise against scrubbing as this would cause the protective topcoat to wear quicker.

Can chemicals be used to clean the surface for hygienic purposes?

Yes. Metallic epoxy surfaces are highly-chemical resistant and are made to withstand even the toughest and most acidic household stain cleaners. Instead of extremely tough cleaners, Dettol and a damp cloth should do the trick!

What do I do after my topcoat wears off?

Pick up your phone and give us a call! We provide recoating services* for your metallic epoxy surfaces. We will strip off the remaining topcoat layer and reapply a fresh new layer, making it as good as new.

*additional charges may apply

What happens if I damage the topcoat?

As answered previously, the topcoat can be re-applied*, either on the damaged area alone, or stripping the whole layer and reapplying a new coat again. We would recommend re-applying a whole new layer as individual topcoat application only on the damaged area would result in patches on your surface which will be extremely un-slightly.

*additional charges may apply

How long does the topcoat re-application take?

It would take us one(1) working day to simply strip and re-apply a fresh new layer of topcoat. However, do note that the turnover time may be extended due to the temporary removal and replacement of existing fixtures, furnitures, doors etc. for the application process.

How thick is the metallic epoxy coating?

– Flooring: 5mm to 8mm
– Countertops and Vanity Tops: 3mm
– Walls & Doors: 3mm

This is excluding the thickness of the original substrate.

Do I need to cut my doors should I engage your service for metallic epoxy floorings?

This depends on the gap or allowance distance of the door to the floor/top frame. Any space of less than 8mm will require your doors to be slightly modified, which involves cutting it to create more space.

We do not provide the door modification service however, it will have to be source by the client or yourselves.

What happens if I decide to change design or colours after a few years?

We will simple overlay a whole new design of your choice over the existing one! However, do note that this will further increase the thickness of your existing surfaces by 2mm to 3mm.

Do you have more questions?