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Metallic epoxy countertop coatings are designed to transform countertops and desktops into long-lasting works of art. Eye-catching and mesmerising, your new metallic epoxy coated countertop will become the centerpiece of your home. Metallic epoxy floor coatings come in a range of unique designs that exude class and luxury, with no compromise on protection. Customisable options further allow you to create any look you desire, unconventional or classic.

Did You Know?

Countertops are commonly constructed from materials such as quartz, high-end marble or granite. While beautiful, these classic materials lack the durability to withstand wear and tear from continual usage, and often suffer from unsightly chips and scratches. Metallic Epoxy coatings present customisable solutions for your home and workspace to achieve your desired aesthetics. Finished with a long-lasting top coat layer, your beautiful countertop receives the protection it deserves.

Benefits of Metallic Epoxy Coatings


Highly Chemical Resistant

Metallic epoxy is a chemically inert material after it sets, making it the preferred choice in industrial applications against potential chemical, oil and acid spillages.


Non-Toxic Finishing

Metallic Epoxy Singapore coatings are certified non-toxic by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). It is VOC compliant, has no fumes, and no airborne particles allowing for easy installation indoors without the need of a respirator.


Highly Impact and Scratch Resistant

Extremely tough, durable and engineered to last for decades, Metallic Epoxy Singapore coatings are resistant to impact and scratch from everyday wear and tear in industrial environments with heavy machinery and works. We bring the same durable and long-lasting coatings for commercial and residential use.


Customizable 3D Design

From lava-flow or pearlescent designs to marble or wooden themed finishings, Metallic Epoxy coatings are highly customizable to your preferences.



A metallic epoxy coating creates a stain-proof and waterproof layer of protection due to its non-porous properties. It protects against spills, leakages, and moisture, allowing for easy clean-up and protection from damage.


Highly Heat Resistant

Metallic epoxy is highly heat resistant and withstands temperatures of up to 200°C, allowing safe and durable use in industrial and residential environments.

Why Us?

metallic epoxy singapore galaxy kitchen countertop

Premium Luxury

Fitting that luxurious flooring or that exotic new countertop design is now worry-free. With a zero compromise on product and service quality, Metallic Epoxy Singapore will always be the industry leader in premium quality metallic epoxy coatings.

Exceptional Quality

Metallic Epoxy Singapore uses Leggari products manufactured in the USA. Only top quality products are utilised in all installations, ensuring long-lasting and durable coatings for your home and workspace.

No Hidden Fees

We firmly believe in transparent and honest transactions. With Metallic Epoxy Singapore, you will never be surprised by any hidden or additional fees. Be secure in knowing all figures stated in our invoice are final.


The Metallic Epoxy Singapore team is trained and certified with Leggari Products, USA. We are the leading Metallic Epoxy Specialist in Singapore, with over a hundred completed projects and installations to date.

Customer-Centric Culture

Metallic Epoxy Singapore places our clients first. From taking the time to understand your needs to providing the finishing touches for each project, we believe that every client deserves the best experience throughout their journey with us, even after a successful handover.

Free Consultation

Have any enquiries on Metallic Epoxy products and services? Contact us for a free, non-obligatory consultation and our sales team will be pleased to assist you.


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