Flaunt or Fend: Choosing The Right Topcoat | Blog Post #4

Mirror, Gloss or Matte Topcoat? Which Finishing To Choose And Why.

You’ve gone with a metallic epoxy coating and a design of your dreams, so what comes next? The final and most important bit — the topcoat! The topcoat is the finishing on your epoxy flooring and is important for three main reasons — it’s the surface that you make contact with everyday, it absorbs the brunt of any damage received, and it determines the balance of beauty and functionality that your work surface will have.

Mirror Finishing
Gloss Topcoat Finishing
Matte Topcoat Finishing

Thankfully, choosing a topcoat is far easier than most of what you have done thus far — the choices are distinct and well-suited for their purposes.

Mirror Finish

Aesthetic: +++++
Durability: +
Grip: + (Wet) | ++ (Dry)
The clearest of all the finishes, the Mirror Finish is raw epoxy buffed to an unparalleled smoothness that perfectly showcases the metallic swirls and vivid colours in the epoxy beneath. However, the Mirror Finish is recommended only for interior surfaces that do not frequently make contact with objects, since its perfectly smooth surface is easily marred by scratches.

Mirror finishing for a decorative coffee table
Mirror Bathroom Flooring (Not Recommended)
Mirror Bathroom Floor (Not Recommended)

Gloss Finish

Aesthetic: +++
Durability: +++
Grip: + (Wet) | ++ (Dry)
The Gloss Finish is a wonderful compromise between aesthetics and durability. This clear finishing provides moderate protection against wear and damage while showcasing underlying designs with gratifying clarity and fidelity to colour. Perfect for areas that receive low to medium traffic.

Gloss Finish (Anti Slip)

Aesthetic: +++
Durability: +++
Grip: +++ (Wet)  | ++++ (Dry)
The specially formulated anti-slip variation of the Gloss Finish, the Gloss Finish Anti Slip provides the same balance of strength and beauty with a much higher static/kinetic friction level that ensures a firm grip on the surface, whether dry or wet. Recommended for commonly wet surfaces like bathroom floors, kitchen surfaces, and even mudrooms.

Gloss Kitchen Countertop Topcoat Finishing
Gloss Bathroom Vanity Top Topcoat Finishing
Gloss Living Room Floor Topcoat Finishing

Matte Finish

Aesthetic: ++
Durability: +++++
Grip: ++ (Wet) | +++ (Dry)
The Matte Finish is rough, tough, and takes abuse with a laugh. A clumsy toddler, a stumbling adult, or a stampeding bull elephant — it’s all the same to this topcoat. While you do pay somewhat in terms of design visibility, the practical homeowner can rest easy knowing that they have the last word in scratch and chip protection with the Matte Finish. Violently recommended for areas that receive medium to high traffic.

Matte Finish Anti Slip

Aesthetic: ++
Durability: +++++
Grip: ++++ (Wet) | +++++ (Dry)
The specially formulated anti-slip variation of the Matte Finish, the Matte Finish Anti Slip is just as tough, if not tougher. Perfect for busy kitchen surfaces where food and drinks may spill, bathroom flooring with showering facilities, foyers for receiving guests in from the rain, and mudrooms.

Matte Living Room Floor Topcoat Finishing
Matte Bathroom Floor Topcoat Finishing
Matte Kitchen Countertop Topcoat Finishing

If you’re still spoilt for choice after this breakdown — they’re all just terrific, aren’t they? — or this piqued your interest in our coatings, feel free to contact our experts at Metallic Epoxy Singapore for a free, non-obligatory consultation. We hope this post has helped inform your decision-making for a better home!

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