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Cover Your Bases: Choosing The Right Colours For Your Home | Blog Post #5

Metallic Epoxy Design

Art is complex and its appreciation is often a matter of taste and context. However, in interior design, certain general rules are applicable across a vast number of different situations. For example, in designing a room, darker colours may help occupants feel calm and cosy, while brighter colours give the impression of a bigger and less constrictive space. Today’s post seeks to help you narrow in on your choice of colours and pigmentation patterns to achieve the desired look and feel for your lebenstraum, or living space.

White Minimalist Kitchen Theme ©Shutterstock
Modern Industrial Living Room Theme ©Shutterstock
Modern Contemporary Living Room Theme ©Shutterstock

One major advantage of metallic epoxy over conventional floor tiles or countertop materials is the perception of depth that it conveys. Its very nature allows the suspension of pigments, metallic and otherwise, in an arrangement that gives a fresh and pleasing appearance from every angle.

3D Crack Wave Effect
Metallic Epoxy 3D Crack & Waves Design
Metallic Epoxy Swirls Effect
Metallic Epoxy Swirls Design

Metallic epoxy’s three-dimensional configuration further enhances its ability as an interior design tool to direct attention, emphasizing a room’s natural beauty while diminishing inevitable eyesore spots such as drains or cabling. However, these potential effects are unlocked entirely by what colours you choose to get them in. If you’re spoiled for choice, fret not! Here’s a simple guide on what colours are most versatile and which ones best suit your dream home.

Base Colours

white metallic epoxy singapore flooring
Plain White Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating


The purest of neutral colours, white is the perfect base for many themes. Besides making a room feel bigger and brighter, white is a clean look with subtle variations for fine-tuning, such as choosing cream or ivory instead of snow white. Although a white base magnifies the presence of any dirt, there is no better way to show off a clean house than with a pristine white surface. A white base further serves as a perfectly balanced canvas for accents and patterns of all shapes and colours.

*Do note that white WILL amber or yellow over time*


A chic colour exuding timeless sophistication, black is the perfect base colour for many themes, both futuristic and classic. Paired with appropriate accents and colours, black adds a much needed touch of class to a room, while avoiding the gloomy or constrained atmosphere it can produce in some cases. In fact, black is perfect for rooms that receive plenty of natural light, since it helps soften the tone of the room.

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Wooden Flooring Theme ©Shutterstock


This broad category includes warmer colours in shades of brown, such as wood, coffee, or darker gold hybrids. It adds class to a room in much the same way that black does, but with a greater sense of home and comfort, while avoiding the potential gloominess.


A bolder choice than most, this base colour is only for owners who wish to make a daring statement in interior design and have a strong idea of what themes they tend towards. The blue employed can vary from lighter shades, such as sky blue, to darker shades such as navy blue.

Blue Flooring Theme ©Shutterstock

Accent Guide

White Base

Being a balanced canvas, there are few colours that don’t pair well with white. For a subtle, flowing design, white can be paired with silver or light brown accents that give it a light, marble-like facade.

For more bold designs, white pairs well with streaks of black or darker colours for high-impact contrast.

*Do note that white WILL amber or yellow over time*

white metallic epoxy singapore flooring
White Metallic Epoxy Flooring Base with Silver Veins
white metallic epoxy singapore countertop
White Metallic Epoxy Countertop Base with Silver Veins
white metallic epoxy singapore vanity top
White Metallic Epoxy Vanity Top Base with Gold Streaks

Black Base

Being at the end of the colour spectrum gives black the greatest potential for contrast. To play to its strengths, bright coloured accents should be used to add perspective to its depth, such as shades of gold.

If one fears overly garish colours, a simple pattern of silver or more neutral, bright colours works just as well.

Black metallic epoxy singapore flooring
Black Metallic Epoxy Flooring Base with Gold Swirls
Black metallic epoxy singapore countertop
Black Metallic Epoxy Countertop Base with Smokey Gold Swirls
black metallic epoxy singapore vanity top
Black Metallic Epoxy Vanity Top Base with White Streaks

Accents (Earth)

Earth-toned bases pair well with other similarly warm colours, such as shades of gold or even black. Other colours can be employed with equal effectiveness if blended with the right patterns.

stone metallic epoxy singapore floor
Metallic Epoxy Stone Theme Bathroom Floor Coating
Wood metallic epoxy singapore countertop
Metallic Epoxy Wood Theme Countertop Coating
Wood metallic epoxy singapore vanity top
Metallic Epoxy Wood Theme Vanity Top Coating

Accents (Blue)

A strong base colour like blue is best served by accents that help soften it, including neutral colours such as black or other shades of blue. However, that’s just half the battle — these colours must be blended well together in appropriate patterns. Without a doubt, this is a colour group best done by experienced designers and installers.

galaxy metallic epoxy singapore floor
Metallic Epoxy Blue Galaxy Theme Living Room Floor Coating
galaxy metallic epoxy singapore countertop
Metallic Epoxy Galaxy Theme Kitchen Countertop Coating
Blue metallic epoxy singapore vanity top
Metallic Epoxy Metallic Blue Theme Vanity Top Coating

Choosing a Slice of the Rainbow

Overall, choosing a base and accent for your floors, countertops, or other interior surfaces is an intimate and personal decision. While our consultants are excellent at advising you on the most optimal options for specific aspects of your theme, the overarching nature of your theme is ultimately yours to decide. To this end, there are a few questions you have to ask yourself to choose an appropriate theme for each room of your house or office.

The best place to begin while choosing a theme for a room is the purpose of said room. If it’s intended to be a study or an office, you may wish for a more conducive and professional environment. The archetypical professional environment calls to mind elegance, class, and restraint. In this case, you couldn’t go wrong with a neutral base, like black, white, or darker browns. Accents and patterns can best be discussed with a consultant, since there are an incredible amount of combinations based on accent patterns and accent colours alone.

Another example would be a kitchen. Are you aiming for a futuristic, high-tech kitchen with shiny appliances, or a homely kitchen with grandma cooking her signature curry while the kids scurry about, begging for sweets? The former brooks little argument — a white or black base is often the obvious choice. The latter is more debatable — recalling memories of their childhood, some may prefer darker, earthy tones like wood brown, while others may want brighter colours like blues and yellows.

Regardless of which direction you go, professional consultants will be at your side with every colour you consider. Don’t be afraid to picture your dream kitchen or living room while we form the fragments to make it a reality. Feel free to call us, even on a whim, for an absolutely free, zero-obligations consultation for details more specific to your needs, and visit our showroom for inspiration on home improvement.

The design options for metallic epoxy are limitless, and today’s post is simply a broad precursor to more specific aspects of interior design with metallic epoxy. For more of the good stuff, keep an eye on our blog or Facebook page, where upcoming posts will go into further detail.