Heavenly HDB Home Style

Achieve a Heavenly HDB Home Style with Metallic Epoxy | Blog Post #37

Style and design are based on personal aesthetics, character, and individuality. There are numerous perspectives to define what a “Heavenly Space” is. Some would say “heavenly” can be minimalistic, while others would say it a transitional style depending on preferences and perspectives. Without any hesitation, a home must invite warmth, coziness, and a harmonious atmosphere. Remember, elements in a room play the most crucial part in creating the desired space: flooring, wall, decor, plants, etc. It is paramount to have a focal point/highlight! With metallic epoxy, these contemporary styles can be achieved and reinforced, which can elevate a personal owned dreamy space and offer a wide range of statements like no other! Here are some inspirational ideas to the delightful heavenly area:

Basic yet elegant. Known for its versatility and timelessness, these neutral colours (black and white) give a great combination and show what balance means like yin and yang. A variety of textures and patterns can be invented with monochromatic colours to introduce a creative approach and highlight the ambiance. We suggest you inject your interior space with eclectic focal details: matte-finish furniture, metal shelves, plain gloss wall, or go for a statement metallic epoxy countertop. It evokes a welcoming excitement showing an appreciation for the arts beneath. Its shiny finishing reflects the light giving an exposure as the spotlight of the room.

Oriental haven homes are familiarized with the presence of oriental artworks, floor level seating, rice paper walls, and traditional marble flooring. So, How can we modernize an oriental home? And pull it off stylishly! With Metallic Epoxy, you can go for an elegant neutral marble vein design or bare concrete industrial touch. It shows a welcoming impression and great hospitality to the guest capturing their eyes to the masterpiece. Asian inspired interior has evolved over time but, of course, still intentionally keeping the essence of Asian backgrounds. Metallic Epoxy Art is one of the contemporary options if you are looking at idiosyncratic patterns, hand-painted motifs, depending on personal preferences, the metallic epoxy can be customized to whatever you like. The 3D effect with shiny and smooth finishes portrays how elegant and mesmerizing and is definitely an exquisite masterpiece.

As generations continuously modernize a trend, just like French eccentric, it evolves by keeping some historical details. Compromising modern fixtures with the owner’s style, calling it an upgrade to the room. Its classic and luxurious identity is associated with ornate fixtures, massive natural lighting, chandelier, art decor, which effortlessly beautifies the whole ambiance. Metallic epoxy will perfectly complement the room with its romantic, elegant character with its signature marble veined pattern. This customizable method is designed, enabling one personal style to fit in the ambiance simply. Metallic Epoxy allows the room to look spacious as it reflects the lights entering the room.

Things to take note of:

1. Make sure to balance the role of colours and patterns to achieve a contemporary look while still maintaining your personality and character.
2. Pay attention to details and the kinds of fixtures you are using to make the styles you’ve wanted.
3. Metallic epoxy can be applied on most flat surfaces, and it is customisable, allowing you to be your own artist/designer.