About Metallic Epoxy Singapore

We specialise in everything related to Metallic Epoxy. We have been serving clients, contractors, and homeowners, from BTO and resale HDB flats, Executive and Freehold properties to Commercial and Retail boutique projects across Singapore.

We offer customisable designs for your floors, walls, countertops, as well as other interior surfaces for both residential and commercial use. We care deeply about the quality of our products, enforced by the strict usage of premium materials and equipment to produce a long-lasting finish of exemplary quality.

At Metallic Epoxy Singapore, we believe in professionalism and dedication. From choosing a design to laying the finishing coat, our team of skilled designers and certified installers strive to meet our clients’ requirements and achieve customer satisfaction.

What is Metallic Epoxy?

metallic epoxy countertop

Metallic Epoxy comprises of two key components, mainly a clear epoxy base and a metallic pigment powder (or mica nanoparticles). These components blended into a homogenous mix, and when applied, create a glossy and exotic-looking lava-flow or pearlescent effect.

Pour over the flooring, substrate, or solid surface, the metallic pigments move through the Epoxy as it cures and can be agitated with a paintbrush or roller to create effects such as swirls, ripples, craters or waves. When the Epoxy hardens, these pigments are locked in place, resulting in a beautiful, three-dimensional look.

Skill and installation techniques are critical to attaining the desired look and feel of the surface, and due to the fluid nature of the metallic pigment suspension, each metallic epoxy finish is unique.

Benefits of Metallic Epoxy?

There are 8 key advantages to our Metallic Epoxy.

About Benefits of Metallic Epoxy Singapore

Our Metallic Epoxy creates a stain-proof and waterproof layer of protection due to its non-porous properties. It protects against spills, leakages, and moisture, allowing for easy clean-up and protection from damage.

Highly Heat Resistant
Our Metallic Epoxy is highly heat resistant and withstands temperatures of up to 200°C, allowing safe and durable use in industrial and residential environments.

Highly Chemical Resistant

Metallic Epoxy is a chemically inert material after it sets, making it the preferred choice in industrial applications against potential chemical, oil, and acid spillages.

100% Seamless

Its seamless finishing eliminates the crevices and pores in normal grout finishing, where gathered dirt may result in the potential growth of bacteria and mold.

Non-Toxic Finishing

Metallic Epoxy Singapore products are certified non-toxic by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). It is VOC compliant, has no fumes, and no airborne particles allowing for easy installation indoors without the need of a respirator.

Highly Impact and Scratch Resistant

Extremely tough, durable, and engineered to last for decades, Metallic Epoxy Singapore finishings are resistant to impact and scratch from everyday wear and tear in industrial environments with heavy machinery and works. We bring the same durable and long-lasting finish for commercial and residential use.

Customizable 3D Design

From lava-flow or pearlescent designs to marble or wooden themed finishings, our Metallic Epoxy designs are highly customizable to your preferences.

How we do it

Step 1: Sealant
(Only necessary for Flooring Application)
A sealant is used to bond the substrate towards the epoxy. It is also used to create an airtight and waterproof layer to prevent air and moisture rising from the substrate during the epoxy application.

Step 2: Self-Levelling Compound
Our self-levelling compound does exactly what it is named for: to help level, even out and flatten the installation surface area removing unsightly grout lines and uneven surfaces to allow proper agitation and crafting of the gorgeous metallic epoxy effects for your interior surfaces.

Step 3: Metallic Epoxy Primer 
The base primer acts as a waterproof base coat, eliminating moisture, oil and dirt particles before the epoxy is applied. The strong bonding properties of the primer is crucial in allowing the epoxy resin to bind effectively. It also acts as a neutral base colour, overlaying the original surface to prevent discolouration in the final design.

Step 4: Metallic Epoxy Design
Applied over the primer as the next step of installation, the pigmented epoxy resin is where the magic happens; the colours, designs and effects are molded and shaped before it is left to harden and cure.

Step 5: Metallic Epoxy Top Coat
There are 5 main finishings to choose from:

  • Mirror – Permits the most vibrance and fidelity to colour of the design beneath, and is highly reflective. However, its scratch and impact resistance is the lowest of the three. (Only available for wall features)
  • Gloss – This clear finishing provides adequate protection against scratches and impact, while showcasing the colours and effects of the design well. The smooth surface allows for exceptionally easy cleaning and maintenance and it is recommended for most environments with low to medium traffic.
  • Gloss Anti-Slip – Similar to gloss, it provides more traction than mirror and gloss topcoats, but with a slightly grittier and rougher texture for more grip on wet surfaces. (Only available for floors)
  • Matte – Provides the best protection of all due to its thick and gritty characteristics. Recommended for environments with medium to high traffic for its robust and durable nature. (Only available for wall features and countertops)
  • Matte Anti-Slip – Provides the highest level of traction amongst all 5 topcoat selections. Highly recommended for areas with extremely high foot traffic or wet environment. (Only available for floors)

Our Commitment

At Metallic Epoxy Singapore, we stand by our promise to deliver top-notch service and product quality to our clients. That is why we provide a warranty* against product and installation defects such as epoxy cracks, peeling or stains.

*Warranty period is subject to environment traffic flow and wear usage

Meet the Team

In our environment, a good working team dynamic is critical. Every member of the Metallic Epoxy Singapore Team holds an important role, from preparation and set-up, to the application and completion of each project.


Kenrick Siow

Head of Department (Sales)

Meet Kenrick, experienced Business Development Manager and secret Super-Dad. With over 8 years in project management and business development. He heads the logistical and administrative duties of the company, including all business development leads and partnership opportunities.


Matthew Wong

Head of Department (Projects)

Hardworking and dedicated are just some of the words to describe Matthew. 7 years of project management and business development experience in an industrial engineering firm has prepared him with the knowledge and experience required to execute projects of all shapes and sizes. Sauve and confident, he oversees all projects from start to finish, from the initial enquiry right up to the handover upon project completion.


Joey Wong

Creative Designer

With a passion in the arts and an eye for detail, Joey is the team’s head designer. For Joey, the clients’ needs and desires are her main source of inspiration when creating a new design. From visualising to executing customised epoxy resin art, Joey loves experimenting with different colours and painting techniques to cater to the different personalities of our clients. Being able to help clients meet their practical needs while helping them realise their dream home is what she most values. She can often be found in her favourite hangout, the company’s workshop where all the magic happens.


Candy Kow

Assistant Designer

With over 5 years of experience in resin art and design, Candy joined Metallic Epoxy Singapore as a assistant designer to broaden and flaunt her design skills. From painting intricate designs on mini canvases, to manipulating metallic pigments in epoxy installations, Candy is confident her experience and skills are more than capable of meeting our client's expectations.



Supervisor, Certified Installer

The jovial team-player, Govin as he is affectionately known is always ready to assist in any way possible. Mostly hidden behind the scenes, he is in charge of all prep work, where speed and accuracy is crucial. He has 14 years of renovation and construction experience with more than 200 completed projects in Singapore. He hails from Tamil Nadu, India.


Thiru Selvam

Supervisor, Certified Installer

With 12 years of experience in renovation and construction experience in Singapore, and over 200 completed projects, ThiruSelvam is a key player in Metallic Epoxy Singapore. With his deft hands and renovation background, he is critical in all aspects of Metallic Epoxy installations. He comes from Tamil Nadu, India.


Tamil Selvam

Supervisor, Certified Installer

With 5 years of experience in the renovation line, Tamil Selvam works with attention to detail. A fast learner, he is always ready with a smile. He hails from Tamil Nadu, India.

Metallic Epoxy Singapore Sundaram


Supervisor, Certified Installer

Sundaram has been working in construction ever since he was a teenage, before moving on to the renovation and home improvement industry. With 7 years of experience working in homes and buildings all over Singapore, he tackles every project with dedication and professionalism. He hails from Tamil Nadu, India.


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Metallic Epoxy Singapore is an importer and certified installer of Legarri Products, USA.

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