Creating a Serene Home

A Guide to Creating Serene Home | Blog Post #32

This blog post explores ideas to build a peaceful home environment with calming interiors. Metallic Epoxy products are formulated for residential and commercial buildings, allowing elegant designs to coexist with industrial-grade durability. Metallic Epoxy coating is a distinctive technique that incorporates metallic powdered additives to move through the clear or multi-layered epoxy resins, and consequently creating a marbling lava flow or pearlescent effect. With non-toxic materials and durable finishes, metallic epoxy provides a safe, versatile, and exotic flooring design. So, here’s a guide to creating calming interior space:

Living Room – Contemporary Space with Metallic Epoxy Combination of Chrome Gold and Black Marble Veins paired with Moss Green Highlights on Light Grey Base

The lightness of this Metallic Epoxy combination is compatible and adaptable to other colours, and this is a popular choice for interior designers and homeowners to build or add brightening capacity to living rooms. It provides a neutral and natural background that tones down bold coloured fixtures and fittings and their shapes that may protrude in the foreground. Mint green scheme complemented well with light grey marble flooring to give a cooling disposition, due to the freshness outlook that both colours and their shades present.

With its crystalline disposition and waxy lustre, marble is one of the most expensive and luxury stones. However, with technology and innovation progression, Metallic Epoxy can furnish a polished grey marble surface with complementary moss green veins that brings a seamless elegance to any interior without being over opulence. Metallic Epoxy’s myriad shades and textures allow various architectural combinations and interior design possibilities with both natural and synthetic additives. Want to know if marble is the right material for your home? Learn more~

Kitchen – Traditional Haven With Minimalist Grey with Metallic Epoxy Combination of Chrome Silver Marble Veins on a Silver Khaki Mixed Base

Sturdy tables, chairs, and cabinets with detailed craftsmanship of ancient carved mouldings bear witness to the daily lives and thoughts of our ancestors. With such rustic and cosy furniture that is both alluring and enduring to peoples’ hearts, we can appreciate our ancestors’ lives and contributions to modern life. Using grey scheme as the colour for flooring complements the grey deck and wooden fixtures, as the “greyness” shines the earthiness of wooden brown accents. It does not absorb heat as much as darker colours and thus creates an airy and calming ambience that can keep the kitchen atmosphere cool.

Stone structures, from ancient times to the current age, shelter us from danger and harsh environment and thus provide a haven. Hence, using minimalist grey that resembles stone as the colour of marble countertop can give comfort in visual and tactile experiences. While aesthetically comforting, marble countertops lack the durability to withstand wear and tear from continual usage and often suffer from unsightly chips, scratches and stains. Metallic Epoxy presents customisable coatings with a long-lasting top coat to ensure your beautiful marble countertop receives the protection it deserves. This is how we do it! Learn more~

Bathroom – Luxe Private Retreat with Metallic Epoxy Combination of Chrome Gold and Black Marble Veins paired with Moss Green Highlights on Light Grey Base

The light grey base with a moss green scheme in the foreground is a favourable choice for floors or walls, as the light-toned colours bring a soothing ambience to the enclosed space. Subsequently, it brings a calming effect to our souls.  Chrome Gold and Black Marble Veins add a gloss yet subtle element that inspires our mind with the drive for sophisticated and nurtures cultured thinking. Green and golden roots interweave and extend their veins throughout the clean lines of marbled light grey slabs. Consequently, this pattern forms a combination of earthy disposition and refreshing aesthetics that gives timeless sensory stimulation. Besides shiny gleam, metallic epoxy is known for its anti-slip surface, which is highly recommended for bathroom floors. Learn more here~. Wooden door with brass knobs adds an earthy composition and tones down the lavishness of glass accessories and overall interiors.

For those who want to build a more luxurious and sustainable sink area, you can consider choosing Metallic Epoxy Vanity Top with multiple layer coating that protects your sink area from bacteria growing. Consequently, it guards every inch against unsightly stains and permanent water damage. Aesthetically, the pearlescent effect illuminates the intimate interior space of your bathroom. The coating gives the right touch of elegance and class to your bathroom and gives you and your guests a dignified and elevated experience. 

Home, as the name goes, is an enclosed place where individuals rest and family members bond together. two takeaways!

  1. Using optimal combinations of materials and colours in living rooms, kitchen and bathrooms exude cooling ambiences that are conducive to regulate and inspire our mind. 
  2. Metallic Epoxy can provide urban furnishings with crisp backdrop walls and floors and foreground fittings that complement each other in terms of colours and shapes.