3 Designer Countertops that will Inspire Your Kitchen Renovation | Blog Post #31

Q: How to make the most out of my kitchen?

Making a statement doesn’t need to involve total renovation or elaborate furniture, but an upscaled functional surface can be the heart of your home. The kitchen countertop is the perfect piece to add that element of sophistication and modernity to one’s kitchen. Choosing the right metallic epoxy coating combination can make a kitchen fabulous from just being practical. A few key features are taken into account when transforming it into a statement piece:

A kitchen countertop is by large placed at the centre of the space it occupies. It is incredibly engaging, and to elevate its presence, one can opt for bold choices in the colour, pattern or even an accentuated feature. One can be a bit adventurous and opt for a colour statement countertop that is a striking contrast to the rest of the decor yet falls in the same colour palette. For example, if the kitchen decor follows a minimalist white and off-white scheme, one can opt for a bold black countertop with metallic accents, that compliments the contrast. Metallic Epoxy offers a stunning jet black countertop marbled with chrome gold and a finish of liquid diamonds. This piece creates just the right hint of magic and intensity. (Apart from just the aesthetic appeal, the metallic epoxy coating offered on the countertops is a perfect way to ensure the durability of the piece. It offers great protection from physical hazards, stains and chemical damages as well. Learn more~)

The surrounding kitchen decor such as the chairs, the handles and other minute accessories can be in the same colour scape to accompany the countertop.

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If a bold colour choice may not be your cup of tea and you prefer to stick to the duller colours and materials, a nordic setup might be your best fit. A Scandinavian style of pale, pared-back and almost-monochromatic interiors accented with clean-lined furniture and natural materials forms the basis of this style. One can maybe opt for a rugged dark countertop with a wooden finish. Metallic accents are also an excellent choice when it comes to adding dimension to space. Fluid metals like brass and copper work very well when paired with simple wood or marble. Metallic Epoxy offers a marbled speckle of chrome gold and black set against a beige-khaki finished countertop with iridescent pearl highlights. This addition adds the right amount of delicate sophistication ladled over a rugged backdrop.  (When considering a countertop, the material is vitally important so as to ensure maximum usability. Considering hygiene, kitchen damage and durability to be the three primary attributes one looks for in their kitchens; vinyl, granite and Mettalic epoxy are the most sought after. Metallic Epoxy stands to be a clear winner, with its aesthetic appeal and its well designed functional attributes. Learn more~)

Furniture Picks from: Noden | Hipvan | Crate & Barrel

Wood is a versatile staple that can offer a rugged and brutalist charm to the hearth. Inspired by a classic Brooklyn loft one can design their kitchen to showcase the rural and the urban by exposing certain aspects of the decor to reveal an unfinished approach. Using materials like reclaimed wood, it adds a rustic element to the piece. Accents of iron and bronze compliment the look as well. For a more finished look, Metallic Epoxy offers a beautiful wooden countertop with an orangish and gold highlight coupled with black veins. The countertop is mirror finished which adds an exquisite sophistication to any space it sits in. (Although a wooden countertop offers a rural element to the kitchen, it is often hard to maintain. Without a polyurethane coating, wood often corrodes, decays and is subjected to various levels of damage which can be very difficult to recover. Metallic Epoxy is the perfect alternative, it offers customisable unique designs at the same time it has none of the shortcomings of hardwood maintenance. Learn more~)


If not the countertop one can add wooden elements to the surrounding kitchen area by opting for metallic light fixtures and darker stained cabinets. Paired against a rugged wooden backdrop or an exposed brick wall drives the theme of brutalism further. Wooden open shelving also adds a feeling of spaciousness and light to the decor.

Furniture Picks from: Noden | Castlery | Finnish Design Shop

3 things to take note:

1. A kitchen countertop can become a room’s centrepiece by opting for bold colours, statemented features, or contrasting material.

2. The countertop must be allowed to adapt to the surrounding architecture.

3. Choose the right Metallic Epoxy coating that can match the palette of your room.

The island can be an integral part of the hearth that every homeowner would be proud of, and the kitchen that everyone’s talking about!